Generic FAQ

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is an instrument that allows you to make instant purchases for various goods & services, for which you can pay later.  

The credit card account is assigned a credit limit which can be utilised to the extent of the available limit on the card. On repayment of monthly dues on the credit card by the given Payment Due Date the credit limit will be restored. 

Unlike a debit card which is linked directly to your bank account, credit card offers the flexibility to make transactions, independent of the balance available in your bank account. 

What are the benefits of a Credit Card?

BOBCARD  provides a host of benefits. Some of them are: 

1. Use Now Pay Later: You can use the available card limit as per your requirement and repay within the specified due date 

2. Easy to Carry: Credit Card is a plastic card which can be easily carried along without adding load to your wallet. 

3. Contactless transactions:  You can simply tap your contactless BOBCARD on NFC enabled POS machines to make simple, convenient & secure transactions  

4. Reward Points:  You can earn Reward Points on every purchase made using BOBCARD. The accumulated Reward Points can be redeemed on accumulation of min.500 points  

5. Exclusive Cashbacks & Discounts:  You can avail Cashbacks & Discounts, on various merchants & Partners in shopping, Dining, Travel & other categories. To know more about the current offers click

6. Add-on Card:  You can gift your loved ones up to 3 complimentary Add-on Cards 

7. Pay in EMIs:  You can pay back your big purchases in easy EMIs  

8. Cash withdrawal from ATMs:  You can use your BOBCARD to withdraw cash from any ATM across India

What are the type of Credit Cards issued by BOBCARD?

BOBCARD offers wide range of Credit Cards, to know more about our products Visit home page

How can I Apply for BOBCARD?

We are happy to know about your interest in BOBCARD. You may go through the wide range of credit card products by visiting home page . Once you have selected the Card variant meeting your eligibility criteria and requirement, you can apply online by clicking “Apply Now” and submit the required information and documents.

How can I know the status of my application form?

Each captured application gets a unique reference no. which is sent to the applicant’s registered mobile no. Customer can track the status on

What are the eligibility criteria for owning a BOBCARD?

Refer eligibility criteria listed on respective product pages on our website.

How to track the status of Card?

On dispatch of credit card through courier/ Speed Post, the tracking no. is sent to the registered mobile number of the customer. The status can be tracked by visiting the website of the carrier (Courier / India Post) 

What will be the credit limit on the card?

The credit card limit is decided basis various parameters and may vary for individuals. The Credit limit is intimated to the customers once card is issued through the Welcome Letter which forms part of the Welcome Kit.

What is Available Credit Limit?

Available credit limit is derived by subtracting the current outstanding on the credit card from credit limit allocated on the card. The available credit limit at the time of the statement generation is provided as a part of the monthly credit card statement.

Does the add-on / additional card have a separate credit limit?

No, the add-on card / Additional Card shares the same credit limit as assigned to the primary card member.

What is a PIN?

PIN is a four- digit Personal Identification Number, and the same can be generated :
a) Through ‘BOBCARD’ mobile app 
b) Through portal 
c) Through IVR by calling BOBCARD toll free numbers 1800 2665 100 / 1800 2667 100 
NOTE:- PIN should not be revealed to any one including any staff of the card issuer. 

How to generate PIN through Mobile App?

Follow the given steps for generating PIN through Mobile APP 
1. Login to your Mobile App 
2. Select the card for which you wish to set/ change the PIN (Primary /Add-on/ Additional Card)
3. Under My Card Services select Card PIN Generate
4. Enter New PIN
5. Re-Enter New PIN
6. Submit
7. You will get an OTP on your registered Mobile Number
8. Enter OTP and submit
9.  Your PIN will be set

How to register the card on Portal?

For registering the card on Portal follow the given steps:
1. Visit URL
2. Click the link First Time User? Sign-Up there.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions and register your card.
4. One Time Password will be sent to the registered mobile number and cardholder needs to input the OTP for completion of registration process.
5.  The OTP can be used for logging to the account where password can be reset for future use.

How to register card on Mobile App?

Download the BOBCARD mobile app from Play store/ App store 
1. Complete the registration process using the registered mobile number
2. Enter last four digits of the card and DOB
3. Set the M-PIN to Login

What is Interest Free Grace Period?

The interest free grace period could range from 20 to 50 days, depending upon date of transactions, provided there are no previous outstanding on the card. Example: This means that a customer who has a billing date of 1st of the month can spend on his Card from 1st April to 30th April, his bill will be generated on 1st May and his Payment Due Date will be 20th May. Hence a purchase made on 14th April will have interest free grace period of 37 days, while a purchase made on 20th April will have interest free grace period of 31 days. However, this is not applicable if the Previous month’s balance has not been cleared in full or if the Card member has availed of cash from ATM 

When does the card get Renewed?

Unless requested by the Cardholder, BOBCARD shall renew the card on expiry, except where.
i. the conduct of account is found to be unsatisfactory.
ii. credit history as per the credit bureau is found to be unsatisfactory.
iii. the outstanding dues are high.
iv. contact details and/or KYC details are not updated by Cardholder
v. Card is in blocked state
vi. no transaction is observed in the card account in the past 1 year from the due date of renewal

How can I check my Card Limit / available card limit?

You may check your card limit / available card limit through:
1. BOBCARD Mobile App
2. BOBCARD Customer Portal
3. IVR by calling BOBCARD toll free numbers 1800 2665 100 / 1800 2667 100

Is there any First Year Fee / Annual Fee on BOBCARD?

There are first year fees and annual fees applicable on the various credit cards issued by BOBCARD for primary as well as add- on cards, subject to revision from time to time. First fee is a one-time charge and Annual fee is charged every year for renewal. These fees/charges vary for different cards. The applicable fee is communicated to the Cardholder at the time of applying for the credit card. Further, fee as applicable is directly charged to the Cardholder’s credit card account and is indicated in the bill. (Details under “TARIFF OF CHARGES” section. Any reductions or waivers in the fees may be offered at the sole discretion of BOBCARD.

How can I avail First Year Fee / Annual Fee waiver on BOBCARD?

The First Year / Annual Fee waiver criteria may vary from card to card. To know more about the First Year Fee / Annual Fee waiver criteria you may visit respective product pages on our website

What are the different type of charges levied in BOBCARD?

To know in detail about the applicable Charges you may refer to the “TARIFF OF CHARGES” by clicking These charges are subject to change at the sole discretion of BOBCARD from time to time.

When is the Finance Charge applicable?

Finance Charge at applicable rates, are payable by Cardholder towards the services provided by BOBCARD to the Cardholder(s) and/or for defaults/ delays committed in payments with reference to the card account. This charge may vary from card to card.

BOBCARD exclusively reserves the right to alter any/all charges or fees from time to time or introduce any new charges or fees, as it may deem appropriate, by issuing at least 30 days prior notice to the Cardholder/s of such change in the charges or fees. It is clarified that the said change may be indicated/ communicated to the Cardholders through BOBCARD website exclusively.

Finance Charges also accrue on
1. Cash withdrawal from the day of cash withdrawal
2. New Purchases, if the total outstanding is not paid by due date.
3. Exceeding limit - the charge will be applicable on the outstanding exceeding the sanctioned credit limit or on total outstanding balance in case of cancelled/ surrendered card.

Finance Charge payable is debited to card account on the last date of each statement period and is indicated in bill.

The finance charges will continue to be levied till card outstanding is cleared in full.

For the finance charges applicable refer “TARIFF OF CHARGES” section in the MITC - 

How can I avail waiver of Finance Charge?

To avoid levying of Financial Charge:
1. Total Billed Amount to be paid within the Due Date
2. Repayment of the Card due to be done few days prior to the Payment Due Date
3. Repay the card due through the payment options suggested by BOBCARD. To know more on the suggested payment options click

What is Late Payment Charge?

This charge will be applicable if the minimum amount due is not paid by the payment due date. Clear funds need to be credited in the card account on or before the due date failing which Late payment charge as per the Outstanding dues shall apply as under

Statement Balance Charges
Less than Rs. 100 NIL
Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 Rs. 100
Rs. 501 to Rs. 1,000 Rs. 400
Rs. 1,001 to Rs. 10,000 Rs. 750
Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 25,000 Rs. 950
Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 1,100
More than Rs. 50,000 Rs. 1,300

For updated details refer to “TARRIF OF CHARGES” in MITC

Is the Late Payment Charge and Billed Finance Charge same?

No, these are two separate charges. For details refer to “TARIFF OF CHARGES” in the MITC

What are Exceeding Limit Charges?

The outstanding on the card account must not exceed the credit limit at any time, failing which cardholder will be charged additional 2.5% over and above the sanctioned credit limit subject to minimum of Rs.600 

Is there any Processing Fee applicable on Rent Payment?

A fee of 1% of the total transaction amount will be levied on all rent payment transactions (Merchant Category Code or MCC 6513) done using your BOBCARD. If you do a rent payment transaction of Rs. 10,500 using your BOBCARD, a fee of 1% of Rs. 10,500 i.e. Rs. 105.00 will be levied on this transaction. IMPORTANT: Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be levied on all fees, interest and other charges, at the rates advised by the Government. 

What is Credit and Cash Withdrawal Limit?

BOBCARD will, at its sole discretion, determine the credit limit and cash withdrawal limit (part of credit limit) for the principal Cardholder (including the add-on cardholder/s).
1. Credit limit and available credit limit will also be shown on the monthly bills.
2. BOBCARD may at its discretion and/or on cardholder’s request, revise the credit limit from time to time.
3. BOBCARD reserves the right to cancel, suspend or reduce the credit limit available to a Cardholder at any time without prior notice, with or without assigning any reason.
4. Credit limit of Cardholder can be cancelled automatically in the event of deterioration in the Cardholder’s creditworthiness.
5. The outstanding on the card account must not exceed the credit limit at any time, failing which exceeding limit charges are applicable /may even lead to blocking of card.
6. In the event cardholder makes payment over and above the amount due as per the monthly bills, cardholder shall not be entitled for interest on the credit balance and the same shall be adjusted against the amount due subsequently.
7. Credit limit and Cash limit are assigned to the Cardholder based on various factors including but not limited to the internal parameters of BOBCARDS, the credit history with the credit bureaus.
8. On periodic review of the card account, BOBCARD reserves the right to allow the customer to continue with the same / reduced limit.

Is there any Charge for Cash Withdrawal?

Yes, on withdrawal of cash using BOBCARD, Cash withdrawal charge is applicable which may be 2.50% of the withdrawn amount or Rs.500 whichever is higher.(For updated details refer to MITC on the website)

Is there any Surcharge on usage at Petrol outlets*?

For information regarding surcharge on usage at Petrol outlets refer details below :

1. IRCTC BOBCARD: 1% of fuel transaction amount surcharge waived for fuel transactions between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000 (subject to maximum of Rs. 100 per statement)

2. VARUNHA BOBCARD (base variant): 1% of fuel transaction amount surcharge waived for fuel transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000 (subject to maximum of Rs. 100 per statement)

3. HPCL ENERGIE BOBCARD: 1% of fuel transaction amount surcharge waived for fuel transactions done only at HPCL fuel stations between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000 (subject to maximum of Rs. 100 per statement)

4. All other credit cards: 1% of fuel transaction amount surcharge waived for fuel transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000 (subject to maximum of Rs. 250 per statement)

Note:-For updated details pl. refer to MITC

What are Cheque Return Charges?

In case a customer pays the credit card dues through Cheque which if gets dishonoured on presentation, Cheque Return Charge shall apply on the card account i.e.2% of the payment amount subject to minimum of Rs. 500/-

Are there any charges for Card Replacement?

Yes, a card can be replaced at a minimum charge of Rs100/- + GST

Is there any Charge for availing Auto Debit facility?

BOBCARD does not charge for activation of Auto Debit facility on the Credit Card. However, auto debit charge may be applied by your Bank as a one time setup charge. For details please contact your respective bank.

Will be there any charge if my Auto Debit fails?

Yes, in case you have availed the auto debit facility and auto debit fails, Auto Debit/SI Bounce Fee shall apply @ 2% of the payment amount subject to minimum of Rs. 500. 
This fee shall be applicable only once per Statement cycle per card & only in case Auto debit/Standing instruction fails due to insufficient balance in the Customer’s Account 

Is there any charge for repaying the card dues through Cheque?

Yes, Cheque Payment Processing Fee shall be levied @ Rs.100 for every Cheque payment 

Is there any charge for repaying the card dues in Cash?

Yes, Cash Payment Processing Fee shall be levied  @ Rs. 250 for every Cash payment  

Why have I been levied Late payment charge when I have made the payment within the due date?

Late payment charge is levied only if:
1. At least Minimum Amount Due is not received in the card account by the Due Date
2. Minimum Amount Due has been paid but after the Due Date
3. No Payment / Payment less than the Minimum Amount Due is received in the card account

How can I get my Credit Limit increased?

Customers seeking to have their limits enhanced can do so by writing to BOBCARDS and providing documents as required. BOBCARD at its sole discretion may/may not increase the limit without assigning any reasons/ clarifications. 

The Credit Limit is proactively reviewed by BOBCARD and the eligible customers are offered Increased in Limit which they can avail by logging in to the BOBCARD Mobile App /  Web Portal of BOBCARD

My Limit was increased 2 months back, can I request for credit limit increase again?

Any further request for increase in card limit can be reviewed after 12 months from the date of last increase based on satisfactory performance of the card and regular repayments.

How to get information on the Billed Outstanding?

The Billed amount is informed to cardholders through various modes after monthly billing  i.e. SMS on the registered mobile no., e-bill to the registered email Id.

Alternatively, the monthly statements  can be downloaded through ‘BOBCARD’ Mobile App OR  BOBCARD Web portal OR by sending SMS STAT xxxx (last 4 digit of card number.) to  9223172141 OR by Sending ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp at +91-7208476628

How can I get duplicate statement?

Last 24 months statement can be downloaded from BOBCARD Mobile App / through Web Portal.

Can I Change my Billing Cycle?

BOBCARD is currently being issued for the billing cycles of 1st, 7th, 16th, 18th or 25th of every month, as per discretion of BOBCARD Limited. The cardholder has a one-time option to change the existing billing cycle as available. Cardholder may write to or contact us at our Toll Free Nos. 1800 2665 100 & 1800 2667 100 for a change in the billing cycle.

How to Open my Credit Card Statement?

Statement sent to you through SMS / Email are password protected. To view enter first four letters of the name on the card (all in upper case) followed by the date of Birth i.e. DD/MM

In how many days will my Payment get reflected in card account?

The payment may get processed in the card account in T+2 working days post receipt of clear funds at BOBCARD 
For payments done through BOBCARD Mobile App / Portal / Instapay , the paid amount gets processed immediately and accordingly the Open to Buy amount gets released for the paid amount. 

I have an account in Bank of Baroda, can I avail Auto Debit facility?

Yes, In case you have an active account in Bank of Baroda , you can avail auto debit facility. Your authorized account will be debited on the payment due date every month. In case the payment due date falls on a Sunday or any other public holiday, the auto debit shall be invoked on next working day 

I do not have account in Bank of Baroda, Can I still avail Auto Debit facility?

Yes, in case you are not having account in Bank of Baroda you can avail Auto Debit facility by registering through eMandate / eNACH. You will be sent a link for eMandate registration on your registered mobile number. Once Emandate is successfully registered and authorized by your bank, the auto debit facility will be activated in your card account for bank account other than that of  Bank of Baroda ( from the authorized list of banks) 

Can I get my auto debit de-activated?

Auto Debit activation is mandatory for certain card categories. Auto Debit facility can be de-activated on your request only if permissible for your card. 

Can I change the mandated bank A/c Number?

Yes, you can change the mandated account number by writing to BOBCARD with the new Bank A/c details.

Can I make payment of my card dues through GPay / Paytm / CRED etc.?

Yes, you can make payment from these channels. However, BOBCARD shall not be responsible for any delay/ Non receipt of funds from these third parties. In the event of Non-receipt of payment applicable charges shall get levied in the card account.

I have made excess payment in the card, can I get refund for the excess amount paid?

Any amount paid in excess shall get apportioned against your future purchases. However, in exceptional cases refund can be initiated on request. 

There is a credit balance in my card due to Reward Point redemption, can I get it transferred to my bank account?

No, Credit balance in the card on account of Reward Point redemption cannot be refunded in any Bank Account, you may utilize the credit balance against future purchases. 

There is a Credit Balance in my card due to reversal of Fee/ Charge, Can I get the refund to my Bank Account?

No, Credit balance in the card on account of reversal of Fee / Charge, if not already paid by you, cannot be refunded in any Bank Account, you may utilize the credit balance against future purchases. 

I had cancelled a transaction, how will I get the refund processed in the card?

In case the transaction is cancelled by you, the transaction amount shall be credited back to your card account on receipt from the Merchant.  

In case the refund is not received from the Merchant you may directly reach out to the Merchant to know the status of refund.

How to redeem bonus points?

The accumulated reward points of 500 points or more can be redeemed through BOBCARD Mobile App / Web Portal or by calling at our Toll Free Number etc.

Are there any bonus/ reward points on Petrol or Cash withdrawal?

There is No reward point on Fuel transactions or Cash withdrawal except for HPCL ENERGIE BOBCARD where reward points can be earned on fuel/petrol spends.

What is the validity of Reward Points?

Reward Points earned on your BOBCARD are valid only for 24 months i.e. 2 years from the date of accrual. e.g. if you receive Reward Points in August 2019, the same will expire in August 2021 
Reward points once lapsed will not be reinstated.  
Reward points on Eterna BOBCARD are evergreen i.e. RP will never expire for Eterna BOBCARD.

Will UPI transactions be eligible for joining benefits/ joining reward points provided on credit card?

UPI transactions are not qualified for joining benefits/ joining reward points provided on the card. Only transactions made directly through the credit card will be eligible for joining benefit.

Is there any capping on the reward points that can be earned on UPI spends through RuPay card?

Maximum 500 reward points can be earned in a Statement cycle on UPI spends through RuPay BOBCARD.

Will I earn any reward points for UPI spends using RuPay BOBCARD

Yes, credit card on UPI transactions will earn only core reward points. UPI transactions are not eligible for accelerated bonus points.

Where can I see the Reward Points in the Monthly Statement?

1. The core reward points earned on a transaction are reflected in the column beside the transaction amount of the statement.

2. However, the accelerated RP are clubbed and reflected as cumulative points in the tab “Reward Points Summary” in the bill statement.

What is the TAT for receiving cash back on marketing offers?

The time frame to credit the cash back is 45-90 days from the date of transaction.

When will the reward Points get lapsed?

Reward Points will lapse in the following Scenarios:
i. Voluntary or Bank initiated Closures.
ii. Card getting classified as NPA.
iii. Cardholder fails to make payment of credit card dues which is due for a period greater than 90 days.
iv. Cardholder fails to make payment of outstanding dues on the card account and opts for settlement of the outstanding amount.
v. If the cardholder is found to be involved in fraud on own card account after the investigation is carried out by BOBCARD.
vi. In the event of the death of the cardholder.
vii. If the credit card is not used for more than 365 days.
viii. If the card is blocked for any other reason like lost/stolen and renewal/replacement card could not be delivered due to address change and such card is not activated by the customer in 6 months.

Why are my transactions getting declined?

1. Transactions get declined to ensure account safely, especially in case of risky merchant transactions or high value transactions. Try transacting for smaller amount or with different merchant to establish a healthy spending pattern.

2. You should also check if Online / POS or Contactless payments have been enabled in Card Usage & Limit section of Mobile App. 

Unable to do transactions on the card?

Please check if the card status is active in the card controls section of your Mobile App. You can also enable / disable domestic/ international payments, contactless payments and online payments from here.

How did my international transaction passed through without OTP?

International transactions do not need OTP authentication as per guidelines. That might be the reason why you have not received OTP for international transaction.  

My card is Lost, how can I block the card?

You can block your card by:

1. Login to BOBCARD Mobile App

2. By calling at 1800 103 1006/1800 2665 100 / 1800 2667 100 (24*7)Toll Free from MTNL/BSNL Lines)

3. Sending SMS BLOCK <last 4 digits of your credit card number> at 9223172141 from your registered mobile number

4. Online blocking of card through web portal -

What are preventive measures to stop misuse of card?

Customer can take steps to stop misuse of card. Please refer Security Tips section on our website to know details - 

What should I do in case of Loss / Theft / Misuse of card?

1. In the event of Loss / Theft / Misuse of card, block the card immediately using various self serve options available or by calling at the 24x7 Toll Free number from the registered Mobile number.

2. BOBCARD will not be liable or responsible for any transactions incurred on the card prior to the time of reporting of the loss of the card to BOBCARD. The Cardholder will be wholly liable for the same.

3. In addition to notifying BOBCARD about the loss or theft of the Card, the Cardholder must report any theft of the Credit Card(s) to the Police and lodge a FIR.

4. The Cardholder will, however, be liable for all losses when someone obtains and misuses the Card or PIN with the Cardholder’s consent.